Warning: Bigfoot Area. Stay on marked trails.

Monster of the Week: Bigfoot

This is it, guys. Numero uno. The one you’ve all been waiting for. The big kahuna. The big… Foot. No, no, no! Not that big foot. The hairy one — and don’t bring up hobbit feet, I’m talking about the tall, humanoid North American forest dweller that some folks believe is a missing link between humans and our ape-ier […]

This small, teary-eyed ghost Pokemon holds an Egyptian-style mask.

Monster of the Week: Yamask

Ah, yes, the wonderful world of Pokémon. A certain app released last month has kicked 90s nostalgia into high gear and made us all hyper-aware of those good ol’ pocket monsters once again. But there has always been a darker side to this world. Like most franchises with any kind of internet fandom, Pokémon has […]

Snout, claws, fangs, and more than enough hair to make Lon Chaney Jr the wolf man.

Monster of the Week: The Wolf Man

What’s so interesting about The Wolf Man? Well, for starters, I’m not talking about the 2010 remake, but the original 1941 movie. That’s right, 1941 — it’s seventy-five years old this year. Honestly, it boggles my mind to type that, since I still (incorrectly) think of film as a new medium. But, well, okay: it’s a […]

Undertale logo

Monster of the Week: Undertale

Pfft, Undertale? More like PUNdertale, amirite? Heh, heh… *clears throat* Okay, so when it comes to Undertale, chances are you fall into one of three groups: 1) You love it, 2) You’ve never heard of it, 3) You wish people would just shut the hell up about it. And yes, groups two and three can […]

Pipe-smoking tigermen through the ages

Monster of the Week: Rakshasa (DnD)

Assassins. Sorcerers. Tigers. Rakshasas are some of the most sinister villains Dungeons and Dragons has to offer. Now, I admit I’m a cat lover, but they’ve won that title fair and square. They’ll win you over, too. Or just eat you. I doubt they care very much one way or the other. But first, some […]

Statue of Echidna, probably with her son, Orthrus

Monster of the Week: Echidna

Chances are, when you hear “echidna” you’re going to think of this little guy: Or, if you’re a SEGA nerd, maybe this one: But, as weird as they are, the rare egg-laying mammal is not this week’s monster. She’s their namesake. Half-woman and half-snake, Echidna is a mythological creature known by the Greeks as the […]

Grief and Monsters

I’m not writing a typical Monster of the Week post this week. After this weekend’s massacre, I’ve struggled with many feelings. Pain, anger, defiance – worst of all, the insidious feeling of powerlessness. We’ve all heard the saying about pens and swords. Against an AR-15, my words do not feel very mighty. I tried to […]