Mothman statue in Point Pleasant

Monster of the Week: Mothman

If you’ve heard of one cryptid from the USA, it’s Bigfoot. If you’ve heard of two? The second is probably Mothman. So what’s the story? It goes back to 1966, a time of great social upheaval – and around the same time the Bigfoot legend took off. Hey, maybe America was just primed for supernatural […]

There's no wrong way to be bi

Confessions of a Non-Binary Bisexual

Today is Bi Visibility Day, which means it’s that time of year again to talk about my sexual orientation. Contrary to what some of you might think from reading this blog or seeing my posts on social media, I actually don’t like to talk about it very much. I’ve always been a pretty private person. […]

Medieval drawing of a guy chilling out under a tree next to a fiery salamander, like you do

Monster of the Week: Salamander

  Well, this post is a little different from some of my past entries on real animals, like spiders or tarantula hawks – those posts are about real-life traits of real-life animals that happen to be monstrous. This post is about a made-up trait of a real-life animal. That’s right. I’m putting salamander myths in […]

Promotional flyer for Centipede featuring a giant centipede and arcade cabinets

Monster of the Week: Centipede (game)

This week’s monster hails from the classic arcade game of the same name. Released in 1980 by Atari, Centipede ranks as one of the best-known games of that early arcade era. Maybe you remember it because you were there, maybe you need to hunt down a decent barcade or internet copy for a refresher course […]

Warning: Bigfoot Area. Stay on marked trails.

Monster of the Week: Bigfoot

This is it, guys. Numero uno. The one you’ve all been waiting for. The big kahuna. The big… Foot. No, no, no! Not that big foot. The hairy one — and don’t bring up hobbit feet, I’m talking about the tall, humanoid North American forest dweller that some folks believe is a missing link between humans and our ape-ier […]

This small, teary-eyed ghost Pokemon holds an Egyptian-style mask.

Monster of the Week: Yamask

Ah, yes, the wonderful world of Pokémon. A certain app released last month has kicked 90s nostalgia into high gear and made us all hyper-aware of those good ol’ pocket monsters once again. But there has always been a darker side to this world. Like most franchises with any kind of internet fandom, Pokémon has […]