Monster of the Week: The Ood (Doctor Who)

Ah, the Ood, those lovable tentacle-mouthed aliens. These New Who creatures alternate between Lovecraftian horrors and prescient sages who just want to teach us about empathy. For the uninitiated, the Ood are a species of aliens who have appeared on Doctor Who a number of times since its 2005 reboot. They have powerful telepathic abilities which they control […]

“Anti-Gay” Bigotry is Anti-Bi+

A recent New York Times editorial called out the GOP for trying to pass “religious freedom” legislation that would threaten Americans’ First Amendment rights. The article points out how this legislation not only undermines the same principles it purports to uphold, it also protects discrimination against LGBTQ+ people and others. Overall, it’s a well-written and well-intentioned article. But one detail […]

Yuki-Onna hovers over a woman seated in half-shadow.

Monster of the Week: Yuki-onna

This week we’ll explore the monstrous side of Japanese folklore–the yokai. Yokai are supernatural beings of legend, some relatively harmless tricksters and others lethal. The Yuki-onna definitely falls into the second category. Yuki-onna translates literally to “snow woman,” and that’s pretty much exactly what they are. Like the winter that heralds their coming, they are […]