Monster of the Week: Cat Sìth

Chances are, if you’re in my social circle and you’ve heard of a Cat Sìth before, you’re thinking of the Final Fantasy character. (And you’re annoyed that I’m not spelling it “Cait Sith.”) Well, this here’s his granddaddy. The Final Fantasy character is based on a figure in Celtic mythology—predominantly Scottish, though the Cat Sìth also appears […]

Monster of the Week: No-Face

I love Studio Ghibli. I love the courageous heroines, the lush artwork, the magical landscapes and the whirlwind adventures, the delicate balance between whimsy and maleficence. Most of all, I love the sense of wonder—equal wonder for both the fantastic and the real. Spirited Away was my first Studio Ghibli film and it still holds a […]

Can’t Feminism Just Be For All of Us?

I am tired. I’m twenty-five, and I am tired. This article makes a number of reasonable points. When I rail, in just a moment, against the “feminism” of the established generation, I don’t mean to single this article out as an example of Problematic Feminism™. I certainly don’t mean to diminish the point that—in some ways—sexism […]

Write Like Your Cat

This is my cat. Her name is Arya. Like her Westerosi namesake, she is small but fierce. At least, she’s definitely mastered the “Stick ‘em with the pointy end” thing. I joke—she’s a sweet cat. Her fierceness mostly comes out when she’s playing with her toys. The other day, while I was jerking her favorite feather-on-a-stick around […]

Monster of the Week: Flying Saucers

Okay, so the thing about flying saucers is— Wait. *straightens tin foil hat* Okay. Now I’m ready. Flying saucers are the most iconic image that pops up when we think of alien spaceships. Space ships more generally—whether we’re talking UFOs people claim to have spotted in real life or the huge variety of science fiction […]