Mothman statue in Point Pleasant

Monster of the Week: Mothman

If you’ve heard of one cryptid from the USA, it’s Bigfoot. If you’ve heard of two? The second is probably Mothman. So what’s the story? It goes back to 1966, a time of great social upheaval – and around the same time the Bigfoot legend took off. Hey, maybe America was just primed for supernatural […]

Spherical monodrone, rectagular duodrome, pyramid tridrome, cubic quadrome, star-shaped pentadrome

Monster of the Week: Modrons

  What the heck is a modron? I’m so glad you asked. Modrons are a type of Dungeons and Dragons monster that have been around since AD&D’s first edition – over thirty years, now. They’re clockwork constructs made of both organic and mechanical parts. They’re weird, they’re cute, they’re sort of steampunk, and they’ll kick […]

Medieval drawing of a guy chilling out under a tree next to a fiery salamander, like you do

Monster of the Week: Salamander

  Well, this post is a little different from some of my past entries on real animals, like spiders or tarantula hawks – those posts are about real-life traits of real-life animals that happen to be monstrous. This post is about a made-up trait of a real-life animal. That’s right. I’m putting salamander myths in […]