Pipe-smoking tigermen through the ages

Monster of the Week: Rakshasa (DnD)

Assassins. Sorcerers. Tigers. Rakshasas are some of the most sinister villains Dungeons and Dragons has to offer. Now, I admit I’m a cat lover, but they’ve won that title fair and square. They’ll win you over, too. Or just eat you. I doubt they care very much one way or the other. But first, some […]

Monster of the Week: Mammoth Trampoline

This week’s post delves into the world of meta monsters, those devious little suckers that everyone who has ever tried programming has come to fear (while grudgingly accepting their inevitability) — bugs. Uh, in this case, it’s a mammoth-shaped bug. Let’s take it back to Skyrim, Bethesda’s fifth Elder Scrolls game released in 2011 and […]

Monster of the Week: The Goatman

Where to even begin with this one? Should I start with the reports of a half-man, half-goat monster terrorizing Maryland teens at the local lovers’ lane, supposedly the result of a mad scientist’s experiment-gone-wrong? Or the creature rumored to lure his victims to their deaths on a railroad trestle near Kentucky’s Pope Lick Creek—where, just yesterday, a young woman […]