News and Status Update

Slashing through a maze of cobwebs, a bold writer descends into the deepest chamber of the dungeon. Dust rises with each step. It has been eons since anything even faintly human has walked this floor. Sheathing their cutlass, the writer reaches into a treasure chest to retrieve the worn and ancient tome known as The […]

Grief and Monsters

I’m not writing a typical Monster of the Week post this week. After this weekend’s massacre, I’ve struggled with many feelings. Pain, anger, defiance – worst of all, the insidious feeling of powerlessness. We’ve all heard the saying about pens and swords. Against an AR-15, my words do not feel very mighty. I tried to […]

The genderqueer colors, purple, white, and green


Hey. So, this is a blog post. It’s a tough blog post, for me. I mean, it doesn’t have to be, right? Let’s give it a try: Hey everybody, there are a few changes going up on the blog today. I’ve changed my domain to This is because I am now using the name […]

Can’t Feminism Just Be For All of Us?

I am tired. I’m twenty-five, and I am tired. This article makes a number of reasonable points. When I rail, in just a moment, against the “feminism” of the established generation, I don’t mean to single this article out as an example of Problematic Feminism™. I certainly don’t mean to diminish the point that—in some ways—sexism […]

Monster of the Week: Dementors

I had my first brush with existential terror during Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I couldn’t have been more than seven or eight when I watched it for the first time. I was enjoying it, too—right up to the part where Violet Beauregarde turned into a blueberry. I started bawling. Half-baked ideas about an […]

“Anti-Gay” Bigotry is Anti-Bi+

A recent New York Times editorial called out the GOP for trying to pass “religious freedom” legislation that would threaten Americans’ First Amendment rights. The article points out how this legislation not only undermines the same principles it purports to uphold, it also protects discrimination against LGBTQ+ people and others. Overall, it’s a well-written and well-intentioned article. But one detail […]