Medieval drawing of a guy chilling out under a tree next to a fiery salamander, like you do

Monster of the Week: Salamander

  Well, this post is a little different from some of my past entries on real animals, like spiders or tarantula hawks – those posts are about real-life traits of real-life animals that happen to be monstrous. This post is about a made-up trait of a real-life animal. That’s right. I’m putting salamander myths in […]

Monster of the Week: Cat Sìth

Chances are, if you’re in my social circle and you’ve heard of a Cat Sìth before, you’re thinking of the Final Fantasy character. (And you’re annoyed that I’m not spelling it “Cait Sith.”) Well, this here’s his granddaddy. The Final Fantasy character is based on a figure in Celtic mythology—predominantly Scottish, though the Cat Sìth also appears […]