Monster of the Week: No-Face

I love Studio Ghibli. I love the courageous heroines, the lush artwork, the magical landscapes and the whirlwind adventures, the delicate balance between whimsy and maleficence. Most of all, I love the sense of wonder—equal wonder for both the fantastic and the real. Spirited Away was my first Studio Ghibli film and it still holds a […]

Monster of the Week: Ghosts

WoooooOoOOoOOOOOOoooooOOooOoOoOOOoooooo! Spooky. Okay, so this is admittedly a really broad topic. But! This post will cover the general concept of ghosts and hopefully provide a background for future posts on more specific specters. Cool? Alright then, let’s goooooOOoOooOOOooOoooOoo … Sorry. No more spooky O’s. First, let’s clarify our definition. Ghosts are paranormal imprints of a person’s life […]

Monster of the Week: Will-o’-the-Wisp

Halloween is coming up! In honor of our second-scariest holiday—the scariest holiday in Western culture is, of course, Black Friday—I’ve written the most terrifying kind of blog post. That’s right. An educational blog post. woooOOOoOOooOooOOOoooo *spirit fingers* Okay, okay. So what Monster of the Week could possibly be educational? Well, let’s start with a history lesson. […]