Monster of the Week: No-Face

I love Studio Ghibli. I love the courageous heroines, the lush artwork, the magical landscapes and the whirlwind adventures, the delicate balance between whimsy and maleficence. Most of all, I love the sense of wonder—equal wonder for both the fantastic and the real. Spirited Away¬†was my first Studio Ghibli film and it still holds a […]

Yuki-Onna hovers over a woman seated in half-shadow.

Monster of the Week: Yuki-onna

This week we’ll explore the monstrous side of Japanese folklore–the yokai. Yokai are supernatural beings of legend, some relatively harmless tricksters and others lethal. The Yuki-onna definitely falls into the second category. Yuki-onna translates literally to “snow woman,” and that’s pretty much exactly what they are. Like the winter that heralds their coming, they are […]