Monster of the Week: Displacer Beast

Displacer beasts. These feline monstrosities have plagued every generation of Dungeons and Dragons players back to the very first edition. Ferocious, clever, and nearly impossible to hit, they’ve been the death of many a player character over the years. So what the hell are they? Take a panther. Add an extra pair of legs. Now […]

Monster of the Week: The Ood (Doctor Who)

Ah, the Ood, those lovable tentacle-mouthed aliens. These New Who creatures alternate between Lovecraftian horrors and prescient sages who just want to teach us about empathy. For the uninitiated, the Ood are a species of aliens who have appeared on Doctor Who a number of times since its 2005 reboot. They have powerful telepathic abilities which they control […]