Monster of the Week: Mammoth Trampoline

This week’s post delves into the world of meta monsters, those devious little suckers that everyone who has ever tried programming has come to fear (while grudgingly accepting their inevitability) — bugs. Uh, in this case, it’s a mammoth-shaped bug. Let’s take it back to Skyrim, Bethesda’s fifth Elder Scrolls game released in 2011 and […]

Fire Keese, which is Hylian for "oh shit it's a fucking fire bat"

Monster of the Week: Fire Bats

Okay, so, first off: Fuck these guys. Seriously. If you’ve ever played a Zelda game, chances are you’ve run into these guys. They’re bats— Okay, because I know somebody’s gonna feel the need to jump in and correct me: technically they’re called keese, not bats. But c’mon. They’re bats. —So they’re bats that flop around above you, […]